Media interview

Marketing for a Moving Target

Every day we market brands. We start with positioning and assure there is distinction and benefit-orientation associated with these brands. We set strategic marketing plans in motion, implementing with quality and control (even in this consumer-driven social world). As the 2017 presidential election heats up – and this is NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT – I am struck by the role of the campaign managers (marketers) behind the scenes in this volatile space today. I applaud and admire their jobs marketing living, breathing, fallible brands.


When we market products and services, things can (and do) go wrong. Customers get irritated over poor customer service. Consumers don’t feel satisfied with the product they bought. It happens, and we help our clients handle the issues. It can be challenging, and of course for the whoppers, there are crisis management plans.


But imagine those marketers who do everything they can to position a political brand (candidate). They write that perfect speech, vet all sides of that controversial issue, and prep for the live town halls, and despite all this, their living, breathing brand lets something slip, misspeaks, or actually lets his/her true self come through on the campaign trail. That millisecond of a slip is scooped up in milliseconds, broadcast around the world and expounded upon for hours afterward. Talk about crisis management!


My hat is off to the consummate marketers behind the scenes of our presidential candidates. Surely they are among the smartest, most strategic marketers in America today. Watch the run to the White House with your marketer hat on. I find it a fascinating exercise from which I can learn.