People in business today know that hiring and retaining good people can be a challenge. Intending to be in business in the future, you surely know the facts: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2016, the number of Baby Boomers ages 55+ projected to be at the end of their careers (leaving the available labor pool) is nearly 12 million, while the number of Millennials and GenYs (ages 16 to 44) entering and moving through the labor force is projected to be 917,000. There simply won’t be enough people to fill the wide gap. This is where Bellevue University’s Strategic Initiatives Division comes in FOR business.


This division of Bellevue University develops relationships with executives of Fortune 1000 companies to provide knowledge and skills to the employees in the ranks so that they contribute effectively to company goals, strategies, productivity, and profit. At work at America’s largest companies today are Bellevue University’s Future Leader Fundamentals® learning programs. According to Jim Nekuda, Associate Vice President of the division, these programs are customized to the brands’ business models and cultures, and they are designed to deliver a strong understanding of profitable operations among other specifics. “What we uniquely provide is knowledge that works for long term survivability in the global economy,” said Nekuda. “Companies need talent with staying power. They need people who want to stay because their knowledge makes them valuable and that motivates them because they know they are making a difference while growing their careers. When we help develop learning programs that move the needle, it’s fulfilling for us at Bellevue University, too.”


And for good reason. Nekuda shared results from a study of one of their learning programs at a Fortune 500® company that showed an 11% increases in sales, 23% increase in store performance and a 50% increase in the likelihood of promotion among employees who took part in the program vs. those who did not.


Ken Carrig, Corporate Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for SunTrust Banks, said in the article in Bank News magazine that through their relationship with Bellevue University “we developed courses tailored to SunTrust which uniquely prepared teammates to serve our clients better. When our teammates have a richer understanding of the full range of services we offer and how they can help people achieve financial well-being, we can better compete for the business of clients and prospects.”