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Experts share social media tips for small businesses by Sara Janak of the Midlands Business Journal

With social media companies regularly rolling out new features and algorithm changes, it can be challenging for small business owners short on time, resources and a dedicated social media staff to cultivate an effective social media presence.

In addition to understanding the algorithms and technical features of a platform, it’s imperative to understand your audience.

“If you don’t have the ability to access data to understand your users on those platforms and how they want information, or you don’t look at posts that have garnered a lot of engagement versus those that haven’t and make assumptions about what’s working or not, you’re really just throwing something out there and you don’t really know how it’s working,” said Zaiss & Co. President and Chief Creative Officer Wendy Wiseman.

“It’s not enough to just post. Businesses should be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of social efforts and how users interact with content.

“Experiment, run some ads, see who’s clicking, see what the reach is and make some decisions,” Wiseman said.

We never stop learning and never stop looking at the trends that are going on and shifting, because people’s habits change, the algorithms change, the competition changes.”

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