Gabby Peterson


Social Media Grows Up with Mobile, Quality Visuals as Marketing Strategy

by Michelle Leach of the Midlands Business Journal

A business can’t develop a marketing plan without social media, and effective social media strategy without addressing the likes of mobile and video content.


“In the last year, social media has really claimed its place as a legitimate marketing channel,” said Zaiss & Co. Director of Digital Marketing Gabrielle Peterson. “With high user volume, more sophisticated targeting, better measurement and the ability to engage on mobile devices, businesses are increasingly realizing the value of social media advertising – and they are willing to pay for it.”


At the same time, Peterson said, consumers are “hyper-sensitive” to irrelevant advertising.


“Really, it’s an opportunity – social media is an avenue to build brands through great storytelling; to surprise and delight,” she said. “It’s a place for quality, and users will not tolerate bad content.”


Mobile is driving the movement toward high-quality digital video, which Peterson characterized as responsible for “tectonic shifts” in the marketing landscape.


A majority of online activity (especially social activity) has shifted to mobile.


“Younger generations are mobile-first or even mobile-only,” she said. “Making social media a priority gives us a way to be in our target customer’s pocket every single day.”


As “extremely engaging and shareable,” Peterson noted video is a natural fit for social media.


“Whole social platforms have sprung up around just video, and the big social media players are also making video a priority,” she said.