Experienced and Proven Strategic Marketers

Our Primary Expertise is Effective Marketing.

Give us a marketing challenge and we’ll meet it. We deliver a strategic blend of creative and account planning that bests any marketing challenge and provides lasting results.

You could say we love data – and we love to match metrics with marketing strategies to make sure what we do together works to grow your business.

Our Mission

We Grow Companies With Smart Marketing

Our Vision

To Be The Success Engine for the World’s Best Companies and the World’s Most Talented Marketing Professionals

Our Values

  • Drive for Excellence
    ~ We are the goal-driven professionals with zeal for learning focused on outcomes that make a difference.
  • Ingenious Ideation
    ~ We are cleverly innovative and resourceful.
  • Better Together
    ~ We respect the value and expertise that all bring to the team.
  • JOY
    ~ We have fun.
  • All In
    ~ We invest in the success of each other, our clients and the craft.

About the Customer POV℠

Customer POV℠, or Point of View, is an in-depth proprietary process we employ that helps us understand your prospects, and what they need to know, think and feel about your brand. This rich, custom POV is comprised of market research, competitive analysis and target market identification. It leads to a unique market position for your brand, and unearths marketing strategies for reaching and relating to the target market…marketing strategies that work.

Our Quest to Strengthen Our Constellation

A group of sea stars is called a constellation. Zaiss & Company continually seeks to strengthen our constellation through welcoming team members of all ages, gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, ethnicities and perspectives.

We strive to create an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity and where everyone, from any background, can do their best work and realize their best selves.

The I Act Pledge

I will check my own biases and take meaningful action to understand and mitigate them.
I will initiate meaningful, complex, and sometimes difficult conversations with my friends and colleagues.
I will ask myself, “Do my actions and words reflect the value of inclusion?”
I will move outside my comfort zone to learn about the experiences of perspectives of others.
I will share my insights related to what I have learned.
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“My career has been rich with experience at three global advertising agencies and as a director at two Fortune 500 companies in the heyday of telecom divestiture and competition. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from some truly remarkable people. But the depth of richness has been from my tenure at Zaiss & Company where we marry really smart, customer-driven strategies with remarkable, breakthrough creative that gets noticed – and gets action. It’s one thing to produce work you’re proud of. It’s something altogether different – and far more rewarding – to produce work that works. We’re here to grow brands. Period, end.”

Wendy WisemanWendy Wiseman
Chief Creative Officer

The greatest compliment I can receive — and it has happened often through the years — is when the president of a company says to me, “Tracy — I think your team knows our business as well as we do!” My response is always “Well, we make it our business to know your business. How else can we grow your brand?”

Tracy ZaissTracy Zaiss
Chief Strategist