Wendy Wiseman
President & Chief Creative Officer

Wendy WisemanExperience in the creative and media departments at global ad agencies Bozell, Young and Rubicam, and J.Walter Thompson armed Wendy with the skills necessary to serve as Director of Advertising at Sprint, and Director of Marketing at MCI in the heyday of telecom competition where breakthrough concepts were required to gain market share. She is the recipient of Market Impact, PCIA, Telly, Webby, Effie, Paper Anvil and Creative Media Plan awards. More than awards, she appreciates the power of collaboration – taking smart strategies all the way through to killer creative concepts that deliver in the market. She teaches copy writing at Creighton University and is a contributing writer of business magazine articles on social media and B2B strategies.

“Wendy and the team at Zaiss & Company understand that with me, ‘there is no finish line.’ That means I’m always looking to exceed the goal, I want the next big idea, and marketing strategies that get us to the next level. They have the energy and drive to keep with us, and that’s just the kind of partner I value.”

Bob McDaid
CEO, iPlay America and Renaissance Properties

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Steve Hughes
Creative Director

Steve HughesDesigning for the digital sphere requires tapping into both sides of the brain – something Steve Hughes does very well. He works his way around InDesign as easily as front-end html, CSS and Javascript, Drupal, WordPress, and content and contact management systems.

Bob Kirk
Associate Creative Director

Bob KirkBob knows his way around Zaiss & Company, as well he should with a 17 year tenure here. We value Bob for his loyalty and his unwavering attention to presenting our clients’ content accurately and attractively in his art direction. When you need a website or email campaign to work some magic, Bob is the go to guy. (And, he knows his away around a camera and servers, too!)

Matt Marron
Lead Programmer

Matt MarronThe list of programming languages that Matt knows reads like alphabet soup to many, but for him – and our clients – it’s a font of knowledge including, but nowhere near limited to: C++, Java, Python, ASP, ASP.NET (VB, C#), Coldfusion, PHP, CGI/Perl, Ruby (w/Rails), and more. Suffice it to say we rely on Matt to build the backends for websites that make usability sing.

Tyler Catania
Director, Account Service

Tyler CataniaTyler’s pseudonym is “The Naminator” as he’s the go-to-guy for product and service names, and frankly, assigning nicknames to everyone on staff. Tyler’s up on everything current, and provides current content for ads, emails, websites and more. When asked to “name” what he loved most about being Media Director he said, “We have an amazing team that is committed to finding innovative solutions. It’s all about understanding the unique needs of each client we have and producing measurable results.” That is so Tyler!

Will Gustafson
Director, Media and Analytics

Will GustafsonWill is located at Zaiss West in Denver, Colorado. He analyzes data to unearth insights about what is working and how to continue to raise the bar for increased results. He loves hiking, camping, and basically all outdoor activities. P.S. ask him about his childhood acting days.

Alyssa Sova
Account Manager

Alyssa JaraAlyssa is a born and raised competitor. That’s what makes her a fierce and valuable asset on the Zaiss & Company squad. After her collegiate soccer career (go Creighton Bluejays!), she’s found her stride as an Account Manager. Alyssa’s sense of adventure and fearlessness help the entire team raise the bar and pursue creative risks. Don’t doubt her small stature – this one has vast intellect – and a killer slide tackle to boot.

Jarett Gustafson
Content Creation and Production

Jarett GustafsonJarett wears a couple hats at Zaiss & Company and uses both sides of his brain too. He writes blogs that tell stories and writes press releases that garner traction for our valued clients. He is also known for being a Nuggets fan, and the only person in the office who can keep plants alive. He carries a warm demeanor and is a joy to have around the office.

Amy McAuliffe
Manager of Office Administration and Production

Amy McAuliffeAmy has more than two decades of project management expertise, focused on marketing and events. Amy has the ability to assess the big picture of a project and break it down into detailed plans and consistent deliverables. She strives to maximize our results to the best they can possibly be. Her key strength is getting things done, something she does with consistency. Amy’s friendly demeanor makes her a treat and great asset to have in our office.

Monica Rivera
Social Media Strategist

Monica Rivera

Monica Rivera has joined our team from Guadalajara, Mexico. She brings with her a passion for all things marketing, imagination and a strong sense of teamwork. Moni’s passion for marketing is only outmatched by her love for her dog, Toribio. In her free time, Moni enjoys cooking – from making inventive new recipes to serving friends and family – and dancing ballet.

Tracy Zaiss, PCM
Chief Strategist

Tracy ZaissOne of the most respected marketing strategists in the region, Tracy founded Zaiss & Company 30+ years ago to apply the core tenets of Account Planning to make a difference for clients. Her love of market research and zest for learning in general – combined with her keen marketing brain – lead to marketing strategies that set clear paths for effective creative campaigns that get real results. An American Marketing Association (AMA) Professional Certified Marketer, Tracy is the recipient of the AMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the only agency Marketer of the Year. Tracy’s strategic leadership has yielded Zaiss & Company coveted AMA awards for marketing strategy, distribution strategy, promotion and marketing communications.